About Us

 Excellent Covenant Christian Academy  was re-organized in June 2013. It is a non-denominational, non-profit  educational institution. We are serving the Killeen area as an  alternative to public education. Currently we are operating at almost  full capacity. We welcome children of all races and ethnic backgrounds  and seek not only to acknowledge, but also celebrate the unique  multi-cultural makeup of this area. Academically, we maintain high  standards, as is evident in our student SAT scores, which have  consistently remained above national average. We attribute this to our  emphasis on the reading, writing, arithmetic (the 3 R’s), plus  enrichment activities to help develop the whole student, mentally,  physically, spiritually, and socially.    

Our Philosophy

 Our  mission statement is to provide a Christ-centered, academically sound  education, while commissioning students to be future leaders who excel  in their individual pursuits as directed by God.